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Starting the game.

Select Start | Programs| Nommy to start the program.
First enter your player name in the "Player name" box
Next choose whether you want to play local or over a network. If you choose "local" you are the only human player. The wizard will ask you to select 1 to 5 automatic opponents, then start the game.
If you choose "network" you can play against other players on the network or the Internet. The next step will ask whether you know the IP addresses of the other players' PCs. If you're playing on a LAN with fixed IPs choose "Use private addresses". The next step will prompt you for a host IP address. If you wish to be the host enter your IP address otherwise enter the host IP address.
If you don't know the IP addresses of other players, choose "Get IP addresses via the Internet". The program will go to the Internet to find an existing host. If one is found, you will be prompted to connect to it. You are then part of the game, which the host will start. If no host is found you will be prompted to be a host. Your IP address will be published on the Internet (on a private page that only other Nommy players can access). You are then the host and other players can connect to you.

Playing as a client

When enough players are connected the host will begin the game. You will be prompted when it's time to bid or play a card.
When it's your turn to bid, a bidding box will be displayed. Click on the number you wish to bid, then click bid.
To play a card click on it. If it does not get played it might be an illegal move (can you follow suit?), or you may have to wait a few seconds and try again. Once you've played a card you cannot retract it.
Select View | Scoreboard to see the current scores.
At any time, any player can type a message into the 'Chat' box and press 'Send' - the message will be displayed to all connected players

Playing as the host

After starting as a host, wait for other people to connect. This could take some time unless you know that other people want a game. Its best to prearrange a time with your friends so that they know when to connect.
When another player connects their name appears in the members list.
If you wish to disconnect a player, highlight their name in the members list and press "Kick".
When enough players have connected, you are ready to play. You can add automatic players from the menu Setup | Add Computer Player. A maximum of 6 players in total is allowed. Then press "Game".
Once you press "Game" all connected players are in the game. Your IP address is removed from the web-page which becomes vacant for someone else to host another game. (Try not to take too long between hosting and starting a game - during this time no-one else can start hosting.) From then on the software will direct proceedings to the end.